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Monday, January 22, 2018

A Killer in King's Cove and a Spy to Find Him (Review)

A smart and enchanting postwar mystery written for fans of the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear.

It is 1946, and war-weary young ex-intelligence officer Lane Winslow leaves London to look for a fresh start. When she finds herself happily settled into a sleepy hamlet nestled in the idyllic interior of British Columbia surrounded by a suitably eclectic cast of small-town characters she feels like she may finally be able to put her past to rest.

But then a body is discovered, the victim of murder, and although she works alongside the town’s inspectors Darling and Ames to discover who might have possibly have motivation to kill, she unknowingly casts doubt on herself. As the investigation reveals facts that she has desperately tried to keep a secret, it threatens to pull her into a vortex of even greater losses than the ones she has already endured.

A clever postwar mystery that will appeal to fan of historical mysteries with women sleuths like the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear or the Bess Crawford series by Charles Todd.
A Killer in King's Cove
Lane Winslow #1
Iona Whishaw
TouchWood Editions
Pub Date: OCT 2016
Genre: Historical Mystery
Rating: 5/5
Amazon | B&N | Kobo

This intriguing mystery series from Iona Whishaw introduces readers to savvy Lane Winslow. She's a British ex-intelligence officer who has just relocated to King's Cove to write and enjoy the quiet of the Canadian countryside. Lane wants to forget the heartbreak of her past and put her nightmares to rest, but her plans are derailed when a body is found near her property. A simple coincidence turns into a conspiracy to frame Lane when a note in his pocket links the victim to her. Over the course of the novel, Lane defends her innocence against the enigmatic Inspector Frederick Darling and works to find the killer before he strikes again.

I love how the story takes a broad view of events. Readers are privy to multiple character perspectives and introduced to a vibrant cast of realistic and eccentric individuals. Spanning continents and decades, personal histories are revealed as Lane gets to the bottom of this mystery. The spark of interest between the Inspector and Lane adds a note of budding romance that I can't wait to see developed throughout the series.

The plot is delightfully complex and keeps you reading and looking for answers. Lane Winslow is obviously a super sleuth to be reckoned with!
*Review copy provided in consideration for review*

The Series:
                                                                                                                MAY 2018
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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Working Fire (Review)

From the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of When I’m Gone comes a compelling novel of a bond between sisters, tested by tragedy…

Ellie Brown thought she’d finally escaped her stifling hometown of Broadlands, Illinois; med school was supposed to be her ticket out. But when her father has a stroke, she must return home to share his care with her older sister, Amelia, who’s busy with her own family. Working as a paramedic, Ellie’s days are monotonous, driving an ambulance through streets she’d hoped never to see again.

Until a 911 dispatch changes everything. The address: her sister’s house. Rushing to the scene, Ellie discovers that Amelia and her husband, Steve, have been shot in a home invasion. After Amelia is rushed to the hospital, Ellie tries to make sense of the tragedy. But what really happened inside her sister’s house becomes less and less clear. As Amelia hangs on in critical condition, Ellie uncovers dark revelations about her family’s past that challenge her beliefs about those closest to her…and force her to question where her devotions truly lie.
Working Fire
Emily Bleeker
Pub Date: 8/29/17
Lake Union Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Rating: 3/5
Amazon | B&N

Emily Bleeker's Working Fire takes readers into the lives of Amelia and her much younger sister, Ellie. Both have made sacrifices to care for their ailing father, but it's not enough to keep the past from catching up with them all.

Ellie, a paramedic who gave up medical school to come back home, gets a call that takes her rushing to her sister's home in the middle of the night. She finds that Amelia and her husband, Steve, have been shot in what looks like a home invasion. The police get involved and it seems that multiple people have been keeping secrets that are close to being exposed. Ellie, however, will not rest until the truth is out and she finds whoever hurt her sister.

This story is built on kept secrets and how we don't always know people as well as we might think, even those who are closest to us. Told in multiple perspectives taken from past and present, Working Fire takes readers into a deep web of mystery that quickly unravels. It rolls along at a steady pace that makes just enough room for all the drama and heartbreak that fills the pages. The characters are filled with lingering hopes for the future that make them all the more realistic.

With a mix of suspense and family conflict, Working Fire is perfect for fans of Kerry Lonsdale and Eliza Maxwell!
*ARC provided in consideration for review*

Also from Emily Bleeker:
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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Princess Saves Herself in This Story!

We are thrilled to invite you on a journey of courage, friendship, and rebellion—Another Castle: Grimoire! This volume gathers all the issues from the hit comic book series centered on the adventures of Princess Misty of Beldora, whose courageous spirit leads to her capture, and ultimately, to a heroic adventure that spans two kingdoms.

Our tale begins when Princess Misty of Beldora, who longs for a more exciting life, gets more than she bargained for when she is captured by Lord Badlug, the ruler of the neighboring kingdom of Grimoire. He intends to marry her and conquer Beldora, leading the land into ruin and chaos. The people of Grimoire already suffer under his rule and desperately need a hero… luckily, Badlug has just kidnapped one! Together with the citizens of Grimoire and a certain bumbling prince, Misty must fight to protect her kingdom and free both realms from Badlug’s tyrannical rule. Misty is determined not to be another damsel in distress; and with her new friends to protect, she'll discover just what it takes to be the hero of the story.
Another Castle: Grimoire
Issues #1-5
Writer: Andrew Wheeler; Art: Paulina Ganucheau
Pub Date: FEB 2017
Oni Press
Genre: Comics/Graphic Novels
Rating: 4/5
Amazon | B&N 

Misty, Princess of Beldora, doesn't want to spend her days pondering marriage or what to wear to a ball. Instead, she wants to avenge her mother who was abducted by Badlug, tyrant of Grimoire. As history repeats itself and Misty is captured to be the next queen of Grimoire, Misty vows to save herself and protect her kingdom and newfound friends.

Another Castle is rich with a colorful cast and stunning illustrations. Misty is one princess I wouldn't want to cross, and she serves as an inspiration to young girls who want to be their own person. Into the Dark Lands meets classic fairy tale in this adventurous collection where the princess saves herself and makes lasting friends along the way!
*ARC provided in consideration for review*
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Friday, January 12, 2018

A Shamelessly Adorable Cozy Mystery (Review)

The Silver Bear Shop and Factory might be the cutest place around, but there s nothing warm and fuzzy about murder . . .

As manager of the family teddy bear shop and factory, thirty-one-year-old Sasha Silverman leads a charmed life. Well, except for the part about being a single divorcee with a ticking biological clock in small-town Silver Hollow. And that's just kid's stuff compared to Will Taylor, the sales rep who's set on making drastic changes to the business her parents built from scratch with or without Sasha's approval . . .

But before Will digs his claws in, someone pulls the stuffing out of his plan . . . and leaves his dead body inside the factory. Reeling from shock, Sasha's hit with more bad news police suspect her hot-tempered Uncle Ross may have murdered him. Sasha knows her uncle would never do such a thing, and she's launching her own little investigation to expose the truth. As she tracks Will's biggest rivals and enemies for clues, Sasha can't get too comfy or she'll become the next plaything for a killer . . .
Bearly Departed
Shamelessly Adorable Teddy Bear Mystery #1
Meg Macy
Pub Date: 5/30/17
Kensington Books
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Rating: 5/5
Amazon | B&N | Kobo

Bearly Departed is the first in a brand new series from author Meg Mims writing as Meg Macy. This Shamelessly Adorable Teddy Bear Mystery series begins as the Silver Bear Shop and Factory manager, Sasha Silverman, stumbles upon a dead body in the store's factory. When that body turns out to be the sales manager who her Uncle Ross threatened after learning that he was cutting jobs and sending production overseas, Sasha is determined to prove her uncle's innocence and save her family's business. Murder is bad for business, after all.

This is one of those rare stories that I'm tempted to read as many times as possible until the next book in the series is released. It's so easy to submerge myself into Sasha's small town as she, armed with her adorable canine sidekick, Rosie, introduces readers to Silver Hollow and digs into local gossip. Piecing together everyone's whereabouts the night of the murder uncovers secrets that make Sasha rethink how idyllic her town really is. She returned home after a devastating divorce, but it seems she has lived the past seven years with blinders on. When the blinders come off she questions how well she really knows her employees, neighbors, and even her younger sister, Maddie.

I love how this story doesn't just focus on Sasha butting into the lives of her fellow business owners as she attempts to unravel a tangled web of suspicion. Every chapter drives your curiosity to know more about Sasha and her family, and the history of their family business. Her parents, sister, and uncle have strong personalities that come across in the dialogue. The dynamic of her family isn't easy and perfect, but their banter, affection, and arguments make them very real. At the moment, Sasha's ex and hot-shot lawyer, Flynn, is the only "romantic interest" in the story. I do look forward to seeing how his role in the story affects Sasha and whether or not a true romance takes place in this series.

Bearly Departed makes me giddy with glee. It encompasses the heart of cozy mystery from the picturesque town to the cast of characters that remind you of people in your own life. If you love Aurora Teagarden, you'll love Sasha Silverman!
*ARC provided via Goodreads giveaway*

Get Ready for Bear Witness to Murder (MAY 2018)

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Romance in the Wild West (Review)

He's the last bachelor standing among the men of Hell's Eight, and he'll settle for nothing less than passion… 

Unencumbered by wife or family, Luke Bellen is the obvious member of Hell's Eight to lead a treacherous trek across Comanche territory. But Luke suspects he will never know another minute's peace when photographer Josey Kinder joins the wagon train. Whip-smart Josey has a voluptuous figure, a sunny disposition and a knack for getting into dangerous scrapes in pursuit of a perfect shot. She's beyond maddening. Luke thinks Josey's too young, too sweet to be despoiled by the rough life and hard-bitten land he loves.

But independent Josey won't let any man—however commanding—decide what's best for her. Beneath their playful banter is a powerful current of lust—pure, but not so simple. If only Luke weren't so damned proper, he'd see that the years between them don't matter a whit, not when a single touch can set them both ablaze. Josey's hell-bent on keeping Luke in the picture…if the vengeful bandits on their trail don't find them first.
Luke's Cut
Hell's Eight #8
Sarah McCarty
Pub Date: 11/23
HQN Books
Genre: Historical Western Romance
Rating: 4/5
Amazon | B&N | Kobo

Sarah McCarty's Hell's Eight is a series I regret not finding sooner. It's filled with wild adventure, romance, and a cast of colorful characters. The backdrop of Luke's Cut is set in the wild, wild west. A member of Hell's Eight is about to give birth and it is up to Luke Bellen, the last unattached male of the group, to provide an escort for the midwife across dangerous territory. The trail is rough and hard, but that doesn't stop shy photographer Josey Kinder from accompanying the group.

Josey and Luke are immediately attracted to each other, but both have their reasons for resisting each other's charms. Josey has always felt isolated because she was born out of wedlock and her mother constantly pressures her to avoid following the same path. Luke's friends are all settling around him and he doesn't want to give in to the changes around him. Luke and Josey's story is perfect in this setting. The dangers of the land give Luke are chance to play hero and show Josey that he is a man of honor.

Luke's Cut is part of a series that captures the truth of family and love. The secondary characters of this story have a presence that would remind you of sitting around with your own family and friends, recounting fond memories and experiencing the joys of life together. Luke and Josey find their way to a happy ending even though the road there is full of bandits and misunderstandings. Fans of western romance will absolutely love this read!
*ARC provided in consideration for review*

Get the Full Series: 

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Monday, January 8, 2018

Into the Black Nowhere, A Dark and Edgy Thriller You Won't Forget (Review)

Inspired by real-life serial killer Ted Bundy, an exhilarating thriller in which FBI profiler Caitlin Hendrix faces off against a charming, merciless serial killer

In southern Texas, on Saturday nights, women are disappearing. One vanishes from a movie theater. Another is ripped from her car at a stoplight. Another vanishes from her home while checking on her baby. Rookie FBI agent Caitlin Hendrix, newly assigned to the FBI's elite Behavioral Analysis Unit, fears that a serial killer is roaming the dark roads outside Austin.

Caitlin and the FBI's serial crime unit discover the first victim's body in the woods. She's laid out in a bloodstained, white baby-doll nightgown. A second victim in a white nightie lies deeper in the forest's darkness. Both bodies are surrounded by Polaroid photos, stuck in the earth like headstones. Each photo pictures a woman in a white negligee, wrists slashed, suicide-style--posed like Snow White awaiting her prince's kiss.

To track the UNSUB, Caitlin must get inside his mind. How is he selecting these women? Working with a legendary FBI profiler, Caitlin searches for a homology--that elusive point where character and action come together. She profiles a confident, meticulous killer who convinces his victims to lower their guard until he can overpower and take them in plain sight. He then reduces them to objects in a twisted fantasy--dolls for him to possess, control, and ultimately destroy. Caitlin's profile leads the FBI to focus on one man: a charismatic, successful professional who easily gains people's trust. But with only circumstantial evidence linking him to the murders, the police allow him to escape. As Saturday night approaches, Caitlin and the FBI enter a desperate game of cat and mouse, racing to capture the cunning predator before he claims more victims.
Into the Black Nowhere
Meg Gardiner
Pub Date: 1/30/18
Genre: Thriller
Rating: 5/5
Amazon | B&N | Kobo

Into the Black Nowhere is a fantastic thriller that will set you on edge and pull you into the mind of a charming, ruthless killer. Meg Gardiner returns with her tough, crime-fighting heroine Caitlin Hendrix, now a profiler with the FBI.

The second book in the UNSUB series has to be the most phenomenal sequel I have ever read. Special Agent Hendrix is sucked into a case where women are disappearing without warning and leaving no clues behind. Based on the events of the first novel, I thought this story would focus on catching the Ghost. Instead, this story takes a detour in which readers get a chance to see Caitlin catch another unsub while working as a professional profiler. While working the case, Caitlin has to deal with an upsurge of dark thoughts that have haunted her since her father's downfall. Her issues make her all the more human even as she struggles to maintain balance between sympathy and detachment from victims.

The progression of this novel can be likened to a cat and mouse game. The team has narrowed their profile and Caitlin is sure of who the culprit is, but they don't have hard evidence to pin the crimes on him. He slips out of their grasps until the case breaks wide open and Caitlin finds vital information that completes his profile. Even then the case can't be wrapped up with a neat little bow. Just when you might think the story is finished Gardiner throws a curve in the story that takes it further and makes it even more thrilling.

Into the Black Nowhere is one of those rare novels that exceed expectations on every level. It's not just a story meant for a few hours entertainment because it stays with you long after you finish. This dark and edgy thriller is perfect for Criminal Minds fans. I am completely sold on this series and look forward to the next chapter!
*ARC provided via First to Read*

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